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We are deeply versed in the saying that "quality is the foundation of the company". Therefore, the company has been aiming at "making first-class domestic standard test equipment" since its inception. After years of development, the company has strong technical strength and advanced management system. Sophisticated equipment, perfect testing methods, and thoughtful after-sales service have won the unanimous approval of users in all fields. The product adopts serialized and large-scale design ideas, which makes the product have a wide range of adaptability.

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  • Congratulations to Kunshan Kaijiete Electronic R&D Technology Co., Ltd. website for success!

    Congratulations to Kunshan Kaijiete Electronic R&D Technology Co., Ltd. website for success! Thanks to Jindao Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.'s technical support for our website, welcome new and old friends to visit the website.

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  • PCBA processing precautions

    When processing PCBA, the processing personnel will strictly insert or mount the components according to the bill of materials, PCB screen printing, and external processing requirements, but the electronic components will always generate static electricity more or less when they are not paying attention.

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  • What are the main processes of PCBA function test?

    The PCBA test refers to the test of IC burn-in, on-off conditions, and current, voltage, and pressure of the PCBA board. PCBA has many uncontrollable factors in the production process, it is difficult to ensure that PCBA is a complete product, PCBA testing is a necessary part of strict control of the quality of shipments. Next, we will introduce the main flow of PCBA testing.

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  • Basic introduction of motor test system

    The development of science and technology places ever-increasing demands on motor performance and quality indicators. The development of motor testing technology is closely related to the development of the motor industry.

  • Motor test system operating conditions

    The Central control room rated operating temperature +20 °C, allowable range of 0 °C ~ 45 °C, air relative humidity does not exceed 85%.

  • Motor Test System Design Principles

    Design principles of reliability, safety, economy, practicality, operability, maintainability, taking into account advanced nature.

  • Motor test system application

    Meet the rated voltage 380V, 660V, 1140V, 3300V, 6000V, 10000V; rated power 1 ~ 15000kW, three-phase asynchronous motor factory and maintenance test.

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Kunshan Kaijiete Electronic R&D Technology Co., Ltd. was established in early 2014 to provide overall test solutions, production and R&D test equipment for electronic product testing, and to provide test software services for production and R&D test equipment. It is an early research and development test in China. One of the units of the equipment. The company has complete mainstream test product development tools and tools, industry-leading system-level design capabilities, the company has introduced a series of standardized products such as: GA500-15U universal FCT test system, GA600-37U universal FCT test system, GA700 - general auto Telescopic FCT Test System, GA800-Universal Four-Station Rotary Function Test System, GA900-General Online Function Test System, GA1000-General Function Test System Automation Line, MA Series Motor Function Test System, SA Series Safety Test System, VA series visual test system, its product application has been widely used in automotive electronics, consumer electronics, communications electronics, medical electronics, military electronics, railway transportation, industry, and many other industries and fields.

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